Q's Fantasies

Some of my unfulfilled fantasies:
(in no specific order)

1 Break-in Fantasy. Sometime during the night or early morning, when I am not
expecting it, a female or a group of females breaks into my
house [I have given her a key beforehand] and pretending to be burglars,
surprises me in my sleep and ties me up in bed.
After they don't find anything worth stealing, they decide to have some
fun with me. Or they have to torture me to find out where I have hidden
the family jewels.

2. Hot Oils Anticipation. I am all tied up laying face up with my penis
well exposed. The domme comes in with all sorts of oils and things that
I have never expereinced before on my penis. Things like Icy Hot, Mineral Ice,
and BenGay. She rubs some of them liberally onto my penis and I must
endure the new sensations. Then she pulls out a small bottle of
wintergreen oil and puts a few drops on my nipples. Everything burns
and stings, but I am all tied up and have to endure it.

3. Hooded Plaything. Female leads me into the party totally naked
except for a hood locked over my head and a leash attached to a cock ring.
She leads me around like that all evening and shows me off to her friends,
sometimes loaning me out to friends who want to try out toys on me.

4. Chastity Fantasy. Go on a one or two-week vacation with a female
to some fun place like Disneyworld. Before we leave, female locks
a chastity belt on me and keeps the key. All during the vacation she is
constantly flirting with me and touching my body provocatively
and trying to turn me on while we sightsee. I must also do everything she
says or the belt isn't going to ever come off. In the evening, she keeps me
naked in our motel room and plays with my body trying to make me even
hornier than I am, knowing full well that I can't have an orgasm.
She makes we watch her have an orgasm or forces me to give her an
orgasm with a vibrator. At night, she will tie me up, take off the
chastity belt, play with my penis until it gets hard and then put
the chastity belt back on me. I remain frustrated for as long as she wants.

5. Forced Servitude. We take a dog-training shock collar and lock
it around my penis. Female has the remote control device and she
can give me electric shocks to make me behave and do anything
she wants. She forces me to obey her all weekend long.

6. Public Orgasm. Female ties me up in the middle of a party,
then proceeds to cut my clothes off and then takes out
a vibrator and gives me an orgasm while everyone is watching
(as I scream in protest).

7. Delayed Orgasm. Female ties me up in a very comfortable position
and then proceeds to tease me and use a vibrator on my penis and
play with my body until I get very close to coming and then she stops.
After I go limp, she starts again. She keeps bringing me to the
brink of having an orgasm and then stops. This goes on for many hours
as I keep begging for relief.

8. Sex Slave. I am the female's sex slave and she uses my body as she
wishes. Preferably, I am in chains or some other sort of bondage.

9. Eunich Fantasy. I am forced into a chastity device, such as the Kali Tooth
Bracelet, which prevents me from having an erection. I have to be the
female's assistant while she has sex with other people.

10. Rape Fantasy. Female ties me spreadeagle on bed for one
excuse or another and then declares she wants to have sexual
intercourse with me. I protest vehemently, but can not prevent it.

11. Catheterization Fantasy. While tied up for some other reason,
female surprises me by declaring she wants to control my
urination. She proceeds to put a Foley Catheter up my urethra
and pumps up the balloon so that I cannot pee. She makes me
drink a lot of water and I have to beg for release.
[Will only do this with a trained nurse.]
Or uses a catheter so that I can be kept restrained for an entire
day or an entire weekend without having to get up to go to
the bathroom.

12. Abandonment Fantasy. I get tied up and then you take me to some
remote spot in the woods and dump me there and I am left there for hours
completely abandoned and restrained and helpless with no way to escape.
Or tied up at the bottom of a deep well.

13. Forced Feminization. After being tied up securely, I am transformed
into a woman by having my nails painted, fake breasts, wig, makeup,
ear rings, female clothes, high heels, etc. I struggle furiously against
all of this, but cannot resist. I get especially violent while lipstick
is applied. Upon conclusion, I am made to walk around like that at a party,
or am taken out in public.

14. Kidnap Fantasy. As I am walking down the street, a truck pulls up.
Three women with guns or knives jump out and order me into the
back of the truck. A hood is thrown over my head and my hands are
tied behind me. I am taken to an unknown destination where I am then
tortured and interrogated until I reveal "the secret information".

15. Roller Coaster Madness. I go on a roller coaster with my hands tied at
my sides. Perhaps also with a blindfold on.

16. Suit Fantasy. I am all dressed up in a suit or tux and then tied up
and gagged and we take pictures.

17. A Night at the Opera. We go out to a show or concert with me all
dressed up nicely in a suit and tie, but underneath my clothes I have on
a rope harness and all sorts of cuffs and other bondage items that do not show.

18. Hypnosis Fantasy Break-In. Same as break-in fantasy (item number 1 in list),
except that I have previously been hypnotized and instructed not to remember
that a breakin is planned. I am also given post-hypnotic suggestions to
cooperate with the attackers and let them tie me up, and it is not until they
begin to tie me up that I remember that it was all planned.

19. Begging for Mercy. I get tied up and have a TENS unit attached to my body.
The domme then very slowly increases the power. As I get used to each setting,
she bumps it up another notch. She keeps doing this as I plead for mercy.
She does not stop until she feels like I have been begging enough. This is
done with no safeword and my only way to get it to stop is to plead successfully.

20. Car Kidnapping. I am tied up and placed in the trunk of a car. You take me
to some unknown place where I get "tortured".

21. Overnight Fantasy. You tie me up when I go to bed and then leave me like
that until morning. I have on a pair of diapers so that I can urinate into
them during the night. You either sleep in another room or leave and go home
and come back in the morning.

22. Daily Tie up. I have a border who lives in the same house with me.
Every morning, she gets up before I do and ties me up in bed. I stay that
way for several hours as she dresses, showers, and does her morning
chores. She unties me just as she leaves for work. Or she goes to work
nearby and returns home for lunch at which point she unties me.

23. Drowning Fantasy. You hogtie me in the bathtub and leave the water
running slowly. Hopefully, you will save me from drowning just in
the nick of time. Or will you?

24. Yuckie Food Fantasy. We have a formal dinner party. You and your
guests all get to eat fine food and drink. However, my portion is
all put into a blender, including meat, potatoes, salad, dessert, milk,
etc. and blended together until it is a nutritious but foul-looking
brown mush. I am tied to my chair and have a dental gag to force
my mouth open and you force feed me this mush.

25. Unknown Food Fantasy. We have a formal dinner party. You and your
guests all get to eat fine food and drink. I am tied to the chair and blindfolded
and you feed me all sorts of strange foods, many of which I don't like.
I have to guess what you are feeding me.

26. I am tied up and blindfolded and then delivered to a strange place
to be played with by a woman whom I do not know. I am kept blindfolded
the entire time.


Unfulfilled Fantasies that I am working on

1. Hypnosis Fantasy. I allow someone to hypnotize me and then tie me up.
They then give me a hypnotic instruction to go to sleep and when I wake up
I come out of the hypnotic spell, and I remember that I was hypnotized
but I do not remember who did it. I find myself all tied up and gagged and blindfolded
when I wake up and I do not know who is there or what the plans are.
A further post-hypnotic suggestion prevents me from recognizing the voice(s) of my captor(s).
Another suggestion makes me hornier the more I struggle against the ropes.

2. Tied in the Ladies Room. We sneak into the lady's bathroom in a hotel
during a busy convention and I am tied up naked in a stall and left there
until my captor comes back for me.


A few of the fantasies I have already experienced but would do again

1. Go on a nude picnic. Get tied naked to a tree. Female feeds me
food while I am tied up.

2. Be tied to a table and have 4 women playing with my body.

3. Hang upside down from the ceiling with hands tied behind me
and woman giving me static shocks with a violet wand.

4. Tied spread-eagle to posts and have 6 people tickling me
simultaneously until I can't take it any more. [I am *very* ticklish.]

5. Get buried vertically in the sand at a beach with only my head showing.

6. Go to party and woman locks her collar around me and I am her
obedient slave for the evening.

7. Mad scientist pretending to be nurse ties me up for some medical
procedure and then reveals she is really there to do experiments
on my body and proceeds to apply nipple clamps and clothespins to
my cock until I am brainwashed and agree to be her loyal spy.

8. Saran wrapped to a pole which is then elevated so I am hanging
from it horizontally at ceiling level, watching people below.

9. Tied up and sold into slavery by angry girlfriend. Arab sheik has to
have me trained to be obedient and I am tortured until I agree to
be subservient.

10. Go to movies with a girlfriend. We both are wearing tight rope
harnesses around our bodies (hidden underneath our clothes) and
have butt plugs up our asses.

11. "Tortured" with electric shocks from a TENS unit.

12. Woman makes a banana split on my nude body and then proceeds
to eat/lick it off.

13. I sleep overnight in the same bed with a woman - but she keeps me
tied up (comfortably) and plays with my body throughout the night,
keeping me aroused, but there is nothing I can do about it.

14. I tie myself up and put on blindfold and earplugs. Put on earphones
that are playing loud music so I cannot hear a thing. Domme is expected over
sometime later, but I will not know exactly when she will arrive, so
I am kept in suspense and cannot even hear her come in.

15. Perils of Pauline. I get tied to a set of railroad tracks.
More of a fun thing than an erotic fantasy, but we take nice pictures.

16. Staked out at the beach.

17. Tied nude in car. We go on a car trip somewhere. You are driving and
I am tied up nude next to you. Every once in a while, you reach over
to goose me or play with me.

18. I am taken to a club or play party by car, but I am tied up and hooded
in the car.

19. I am tied up and blindfolded while you have sex with your partner.
Or I am made to watch, but I am tied up and cannot play with myself.

20. I am tied up and made very horny. You then give me a vibrator and
tell me I can use it on myself. However, you have a remote on/off switch
to the electric vibrator and every time I get close to having an orgasm,
you switch off the vibrator.

21. Enema Fantasy. Female gives me a retention enema using a
balloon enema nozzle while I am tied up and can't resist. She then
plays with my body while I am forced to hold in the water.

22. Take Down. I am an unruly patient in a mental hospital. I start to
go amok and 5 female guards wrestle me to the ground and force me
into a strait-jacket as I struggle as hard as I can to resist.

23. Collared on Broadway. Go to a Broadway play wearing a metal
collar locked around my neck hidden by my tie.

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