Q's Wishlist of Photographs Wanted

(Places where he would like to be tied
or ways he would like to be tied)

legs up against a post
hands and feet around a tree
approaching a buzz saw
kneeling with hands behind a pole
in a coffin
in a box with packing peanuts
in a cage
inside a burlap bag
awaiting the guillotine
outdoors with hands outstretched
being led around outdoors in hood
staked to the lawn
carried on a pole
rotating on a spit with a fire underneath
tied across saddle on a horse
hogtied in tent deep in the woods
on airmattress in pool
tied naked outdoors to tree in development
handcuffed to pole on public street
strapped inside a sphere or innertube rolling down hill
in dentist chair
in barber chair
in hairdresser chair, head in hairdryer
in electric chair
at the computer
hogtied in bathtub with water running
tied to chair in shower stall with water on
mouth tied open and fed food
in business suit
on roller skates
rotating on St. Catherine wheel
spreadeagle on bed being tickled
tightly immobilized in spreadeagle on bed
strapped to a 2-wheel dolly
caried across person’s shoulders
under the McDonald arches
at a famous historical site (such as the Old North Bridge)

Interesting places where Q has been tied: