Devious and Dastardly Things to do to Q
after You have him Tied Up

[What is the point of tying him up securely if you can't torture him
and make him beg for you to stop?]

1. Give him electric shocks with a TENS unit.

2. Attach nipple clamps to his nipples and pull on them, press on them,
or hang heavy weights from them.

3. Blindfold him and put ear plugs in his ears and wrap him
up and gag him and leave him in sensory deprivation for
many hours.

4. Put clothespins all over his body especially on the genitals.

5. Give him static electric shocks with a violet wand,
especially on the head of his penis.

6. Tickle him unmercifully, especially on the soles of his feet.

7. Give him an enema and make him hold it in. Or fill him up
very full and plug it up with a balloon nozzle. Then do other
tortures while he is forced to hold all the water in.

8. Feminize him against his will. Apply lots of lipstick
and fingernail polish. Bright red. Lock 5 inch heels on his feet.

9. Attach a parachute to his balls and hang heavy weights
from it.

10. Force feed him alcohol and make him get drunk
(he has never been drunk in his life).

11. Lock a Kali Teeth Bracelet on his penis and send him
away for two days. When he comes begging for release,
make him do your household chores or whatever you want.

12. Tie him to the bed for the night and promise some
torture for the morning.

13. Force him to eat all the disgusting food he hates, such as
beets, grapefruit juice, olives, peanut butter, prunes,
warm milk, borscht, chocolate pudding, hot oatmeal,
castor oil, hot chocolate, yogurt.

14. Make him cum onto a banana and then force him to eat the banana.
Or collect his cum in a condom and then pour it into bowl
and add flower to make cum balls that he has to eat.

15. Have him pee into a container ahead of time and once he is
restrained, force him to drink his own urine.

16. Suspend Q from the ceiling by his feet and cane him.

17. Lock him in a chastity belt and send him away for weeks
with no possibility of having an orgasm. Watch him beg
for his release.

18. Bring him close to an orgasm using a vibrator and then stop.
Keep this up for hours.

19. Just keep him tied up all evening and force him to watch you
having sex with your partner or having all sorts of fun with
other people while he just watches.

20. Shave his body.

21. He is afraid of fire. Do something with fire to him,
but don't burn him. He is also afraid of knives and guns,
but really terrified of fire.

22. Make him eat dog food out of a dog dish on the floor.

23. Put on a strap-on dildo and fuck his ass.
Then make him lick the dildo clean.

24. Blindfold him and then take him bungee jumping with his hands
tied behind his back.

25. Put a hood on him, gag him, and then force him to get in
your car. Drive him over to some other Domme and leave
him there at her mercy. Give her this list.

- -

Revised 5/22/00