Party Game: "Bet you can't tie me up"


This game is played by two teams consisting of people that
enjoy bondage; the top team and the bottom team.
The team of tops collectively tie up the bottoms, who
try to escape. The first bottom to escape is the winner
and gets a reward. The others bottoms get a "penalty"
which acts as a reward for the tops. Everyone wins
because even the bottoms that lose get to enjoy being
tightly restrained.

Game Rules:

1. This game is played by two teams consisting of people that
enjoy bondage. The top team enjoys tying people up and giving
them sensations. The bottom team enjoys being tied up tightly,
enjoys trying to escape, and enjoys sensation play.

2. There shall be at least two people on each team (although 3
or more would be preferable). There do not have to be the
same number of people on each team.

3. The owner of the play space or the party organizer selects
an unbiased non-participant to act as the referee. It is the duty of the
referee to ensure that all the rules are followed and that the game
progresses expediently. The referee also helps ensure that everyone
has a safe, consensual, and fun experience.

4. The tops combine their knowledge and experience to tie up the
bottoms tightly and securely. This can happen one at a time, or all
at the same time. They must use rope only. No other types of
restraints are permitted. No other toys may be used on the bottoms
at this time. However, at the tops discretion, a blindfold may
be added if they feel this will help prevent the bottom from escaping.

5. While being tied up, each bottom must cooperate fully.

6. The bottom is not required to give unsolicited advice.
However, the bottom must truthfully answer any specific
question that the top asks ("can you slip your hand out of this loop?",
"can you reach this knot?").

7. The bottom may not be tied _to_ anything (for example, can't
be tied to a chair or tied to a pole).

8. The bottom may not use any foreign object in the escape attempt
(i.e. may not use a knife or a pair of scissors).

9. The bottoms may not help or hinder each other.

10. The bottom must not be tied so tight as to restrict circulation.
The bottom must inform the top if the bondage is painful or is
giving them cramps, or if they do not feel they could safely and
comfortably remain in that bondage position for an hour.
The bottom is required to notify the top if any safety problems
arise ("my hand is going to sleep", "the elbow ropes are starting
to pinch") in which case, the tops are permitted to adjust the
bondage to fix the problem.

11. The bottom may not struggle or try to escape until the top team
has said they are done. When the top says "you can try to get out now",
the referee makes a note of the starting time for that bottom.
(Each bottom might start at a different time.)

12. Once the top team has said they are done with a given bottom,
they may not touch that bottom or adjust the ropes or add additional
restraints or in any way prevent the bottom from trying to escape.

13. If a bottom succeeds in escaping, the referee notes the time
of the escape and calculates how long it took the bottom to escape.
You have not escaped if there are still ropes attached to your body.

14. Each bottom must be naked (or as undressed as limits permit)
before being tied up.

15. Each bottom shall have 15 minutes to try to escape. The bottom
that escapes in the quickest time is declared the winner. If no
bottom has escaped after 15 minutes, then all the bottoms are losers
and the tops can give the reward to one of themselves, to someone
from the audience, or they can skip giving out a reward.

16. Once a bottom is delared the winner, all the other bottoms
are declared "losers". The losers may continue to try to escape.
However, once a winner has been established, the tops are
permitted and encouraged to prevent the other bottoms from escaping.
At this time, the tops may tighten the ropes on any of the other
bottoms. The tops may add additional ropes to further restrain the
remaining bottoms. If deemed necessary, the tops may use whatever
restraints they want to ensure that the other bottoms do not escape
(for example, they may add locking leather restraints, chain, etc.).

17. The winner is given a reward by the tops. The winner gets to
specify what this reward should be (within reason). For example, a
typical reward might be "You restrain me in the manner I want, then
all the tops play sensuously with my body while one of them gives me
an orgasm with my vibrator". The tops shall make a good faith effort
(subject to their own limits) to grant the winner the requested reward.
The tops are not required to spend more than 15 minutes giving the
reward (not counting any negotiation time or set-up time).

18. The reward shall be given to the winner while the other bottoms
are still tied up. The other bottoms are required to watch. During this
time, no stimulus of any kind shall be given to the other bottoms.
While issuing the reward to the winner, the tops should keep an
eye on the other bottoms (or assign someone to watch them) to prevent
them from escaping. They should remain tied up and frustrated that
they will not get any reward.

19. Under no circumstances shall an orgasm be given to any bottom
other than the winner, and the bottoms should be carefully watched
and prevented from masturbating themselves or giving themselves any
pleasure other than the contentment of their bondage.

20. After the reward has been concluded, the winner can be untied
or may decide to remain tied. The tops then get to have their fun with
the other bottoms. At this point, the tops get their reward. They are
permitted to do whatever they want to the other bottoms (subject to
limits) for 15 minutes. This is their penalty for losing. The tops
can give pain or pleasure or whatever they want to these bottoms
or the tops may decide to do nothing at all and just leave the losers
tied up and unstimulated for the 15 minutes.
Note that the intent of this "penalty" is not to enact a harsh punishment
for losing, but to give a reward to the tops to let them have some fun
in that now *they* get to decide what sort of stimulus is to be given
to the remaining bottoms.

21. The safeword for the bottom is "I've had enough fun for this evening"
or "safeword", at which point the bottom will be untied.
The bottom can also convey to the top that the top has hit or is nearing
a limit by using the safeword "yellow", in which case the
top should ease up or switch to some other stimulus.

22. At the end of 15 minutes of applying the penalty to the bottoms,
all stimulus shall be stopped and the bottoms shall be untied.
However, at their request, they can be left tied until they ask to be let out.

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