Chores for a Male Submissive

There are lots of different types of chores
that can be assigned to a male submissive:

o Domestic Chores
o Fun Chores
o Erotic Chores
o Silly Chores
o Embarrassing Chores
o Punishment Chores

Here is a partial list of chores
(in no particular order).
"You" refers to the domme.

paint your toenails
paint his toenails
locate stuff for you on the internet
wash the dishes
-- while wearing a maid's outfit
do your laundry
give you a massage
clean your vibrator
give you a bubble path
take a bubble bath
go to the hardware store and come back with something kinky
-- same with grocery store
help you unbuckle your shoes
help you buckle your shoes
must request permission to leave room
must request permission to go to bathroom
-- even at work (has to call you)
must request permission to masturbate
must masturbate for you
must masturbate you
rewind your tapes
coil your rope
clean the computer keyboard
clean the computer screen
clean the telephone handset
turn the mattress
give you a manicure
fold your clothes
look up words in dictionary
peel your grapes
give you a shower
draw your bath
send him out for 10.3 gallons of gas (at a full serve station)
stand on line for you at supermarket
drive you places
watch the weather report and give you a detailed summary
shave your legs
shave his legs
dust the curtains
iron your lingerie
paint his body
wear a temporary tatoo
be your food taster
-- blindfolded
make you a sardine sandwhich
eat a sardine sandwhich
wear panties to work
-- your panties
call you on phone and make you orgasm (phone sex)
-- from a pay phone
fetch your mail
go to post office and buy a 1 cent stamp
-- get a receipt
organize your toys
go to a dance class
cut your meat at a restaurant
sing you a song
compose a poem for you
write you a story
-- an erotic story
perform a skit for you
-- in high heels
-- wearing a wig
stroke your ears
carry in the firewood
put on handcuffs behind his back and tell you his wildest fantasy
play with your nipples
play with his nipples
balance your checkbook
be your financial secretary
wear your jewelry
wear a belly chain
-- to work
wear earrings
water the plants while humming Bethoven
mow the lawn
water the lawn
shovel snow off the driveway
clean your car
take your car to a carwash
-- but he goes through it without car
fill up your car with gas
have the oil changed
drive somewhere nude to retrieve a trinket you have left for him
wear a tie (and nothing else)
build you a spanking bench
make you jasmine tea
operate the tv remote for you
-- while blindfolded
navigate an obstacle course while blindfolded
defrost the refrigerator
give himself an enema
go to supermarket and come back with an aphrodisiac
bring a gift for Goddess
tie himself up
go to the movies wearing a butt plug
do a belly dance
do a strip tease
-- to music
dress up in something erotic
dress up in something unusual
prepare dinner
-- with hands cuffed in front
make the bed
clean the coffin
select music to play for you
stand in the corner
wear diapers
-- pee in them
-- while you are out in fancy restaurant for dinner
signal you with a flashlight
buy you flowers
take the garbage out
go into garbage bag and stay at the curb for an hour
get mail for you
fetch the newspaper
-- on all fours
go to pharmacy and tell clerk he is looking for extra strength vibrator batteries
find you a non-lubricated condom
wear his clothes backwards
go to local porno store and bring back a bdsm video
-- re-enact a scene from the video
shave his underarms
clean toilet bowl with a toothbrush
comb your hair
take strait-jacket to dry cleaners
go to work with a pink ribbon tied lightly around penis
tighten your corset
wrap himself with a roll of toilet paper
light candles and burn incense around the house
send out invitations to a spanking party
add 5 chores to this list
pick 5 chores at random from this list and do them


do the chore blindfolded
do the chore gagged
do the chore hobbled
do the chore with hands tied
do the chore nude
do the chore in a maid's outfit

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