Ideas for Light Club Scenes

for new people

by (modified 1/24/99)

Often times, new submissives are intimidated
by the "heavy" or even "moderate" scenes they
see at bdsm clubs or parties. They may want to start
with something "light". They may be very shy.
They may feel uncomfortable removing their clothes.
Here are some ideas for light scenes that can
be done at a club. Many do not require being nude.
Most do not involve any pain. Some can be done without
even going into the dungeon. Just fun things
you can do with a new sub to help acclimate them
to playing in public and so they can feel like
being part of the "scene".

In addition to giving the dom/me ideas, this list can also
be used as a basic submissive checklist. The standard
checklist, while useful, can sometimes scare away new
people. Someone who is very new and doesn't know what
they want may answer "no, I've never done that" to most
of the items on the standard submissive checklist
and will not know which things they do want.
You can give them this list instead and ask them to mark next
to each item, which ones they would be willing to do
(or not do) and what their interest level is. After they
get more comfortable with the scene, you can proceed
to the standard checklist.


For these ideas, "you" refers to the bottom
and "I" refers to the top. For some of these,
the bottom is a female, but for most, either
gender would be applicable in either role.

1. Your hands are cuffed in front of you with leather
cuffs and a short chain. You are my servant for the evening.

2. You wear a collar and follow me around on a leash.
You are my slave for the evening.

3. You are my servant for the evening, but no special
dress or bondage. You do a lot of kneeling and head bowing
and are very subserviant.

4. You are my servant for the evening, but no special
dress or bondage. You are very sassy and bratty and
I have to keep cracking my whip and threatening you to
get you back in line (but I never actually hit you).

5. I dress as an arab sheik and you dress as a harem girl.
You are my servant or concubine. During the evening
I instruct you to do a belly dance for me. This does not
require you to undress except to show your belly button.

6. You dress as a French maid and go around the party serving
people food and drinks under my direction.

7. You wear my collar locked around your neck
for the evening. You playfully call me "Master" or "Mistress"
all evening and I call you "slave". At the end of the evening,
you have to beg me to unlock your collar.

8. You wear a very "slutty", provocative outfit.

9. I wear a policeman's/policewoman's uniform and you wear a
convict outfit and rubber handcuffs. I stop off at club
to relax while doing a prisoner transfer.

10. I wear a policeman's/policewoman's uniform and you wear a
convict outfit and real handcuffs. I hold the only key.

11. I am your hypnotherapist. I have been treating you
with hypnosis to help you stop smoking (or whatever). Every once in a
while, I pull out my amulet and wave it in front of you to
continue the hypnosis. I also like to give you some "special"
hypnotic suggestions to have some fun with you at the
same time.

12. You are my masseur/masseuse that I have hired for the evening
to give me (or my friends) foot massages or back rubs
when we get tired.

13. You are my bondage slut and I keep you in some form
of bondage all evening. I keep changing the bondage for
my amusement. You remain fully clothed.

14. You spend the whole evening in a strait-jacket (something
very comfortable) walking around and watching scenes.

15. I cuff your hands behind you and then feed you dinner.

16. I blindfold you and feed you various foods and you have
to guess what you are eating.

17. We play strip poker.

18. You come to the club in a trenchcoat but wear nothing
underneath. You do not remove the trenchcoat all evening.
If someone asks why you are wearing this trenchcoat,
you just smile at them.

19. You come to the club in a trenchcoat and have a very
enigmatic smile on your face. You let absolutely
no one (even me) look under your trenchcoat.

20. You come to the club in a raincoat and have a very
enigmatic smile on your face. You allow me to "feel you up"
to try to determine if you are wearing anything
underneath the raincoat.

21. We get a group of subs together and play "Simon Says"
with me being the leader. Some of my instructions may
involve removing articles of clothing.

22. You agree to do absolutely anything I ask providing I can
get two other people to do it first.

23. You challenge me to get another sub to agree to do something
of your choosing and if I can succeed in getting him or her to do it,
then you will do it as well.

24. Before going to the party (say at your apartment),
I wrap you in a rope web (while you are undressed) and
then you put on your normal clothes over it which completely
hides the rope harness. Then we go to the party and
to everyone present, you look like you are in normal dress,
but you have this secret that you have ropes tied around
your body and it feels very sensuous but no one knows
but you and me.

25. You go to the party with a butt plug up your ass. It is
hidden under your clothes and no one knows but me.

26. You go to the party with a vibrator in your vagina (or on your penis).
It is hidden under your clothes and no one knows. I take
you aside from time to time and secretly turn the vibrator
on or off.

27. We come to the party with your right hand tied to my left
hand and we remain at the party tied to each other like that.

28. You dress as a little boy or girl (as in 8 year old) and I come
as your mother or father. We act our respective ages. I may give you
a scolding or a few playful pats, but no real spanking.
You innocently suck on a lollipop (a peppermint all day sucker).

29. You dress as an infant and come wearing diapers. You
go "goo goo" a lot and/or speak in baby talk. I occasionally
have you suck on a pacifier or play with your rattle.

30. I lock leather cuffs on your hands with a chain between them.
I blindfold you. I tell you that I have the key hidden somewhere
on my person and that the only way you will be able to get
out is if you search me and find the key. I may be very devious
in where I have hidden the key and this might involve your
undressing me to get at it.

31. You wear 5 inch stilletto heels to please me.

32. You agree to dress for the party in any manner that I ask for.

33. You agree that any time I can trick you into saying the
word "what", you will remove an article of clothing.

34. I tie you up in a very long and complicated (and pretty)

35. We go around the dungeon trying out many of the stations.
I tie you up to each one in turn so you can see what it is like.

36. I tie you to a chair and "make" you watch all the scenes
that go on.

37. I hogtie you and let you struggle on the floor.

38. I saran wrap you to a pole.

39. We put on some "stripper music" and, at my command,
you do a sensuous strip act for the audience.

40. I chain you to two poles with your hands up high
and then slowly remove all your clothes as you
scream bloody murder and struggle against it.

41. I chain you to two poles with your hands up high
and then slowly remove all your clothes and massage
your body as you smile and enjoy the feeling.

42. I dress as a doctor and you are coming to me for
your yearly checkup. I lay you down on the exam table
and then do a _very_ thorough examination. You will
be naked for part of the exam, but can wear a hospital gown
for a good part of it.

43. I dress as a doctor and you are coming to me for
your yearly checkup. You can wear a hospital gown for
the entire procedure, but there will be times when I
have to check your reflexes and sensitivity to very
minor tactile stimulation.

44. I chain you spread eagle to posts and then tickle you
unmercifully until you scream for me to stop.

45. I chain you to a pole by your collar so that your
hands and feet are free and you are very comfortable,
but tell you that I will not release you until you
remove all your clothes.

46. You are my assistant and must assist me in a scene where
I am tying someone else up. You help me with the ropes.

47. I saran wrap you and another sub together.

48. Someone saran wraps you and me together.

49. I give you a lesson on how to tie me up.

50. You go into bathroom and remove all your clothes and
then start a saran wrap around yourself, covering your
nakedness. Then you come out and I finish the saran
wrapping. Thus, you are naked underneath the saran wrap,
but no one has actually seen you naked. You walk around
like that with no one knowing you are naked underneath.
(We remove the saran wrap later in private so no one will see.)

51. You blindfold me and, blindfolded, I have to try to tie you up.

52. We write and then enact a musical skit with some sort
of BDSM involvement.

53. You dress as a dog and get on your hands and knees and
bark and kneel and follow my doggie orders. I show you
off like at a dog show and you bark and do tricks.

54. You dress as a cat and get on your hands and knees and
meow and sensuously rub against my leg.

55. I string you up to a cross and then spend time carressing your
body and playing with your nipples.

56. I show you 10 sensation toys. Then I blindfold you and
apply one at a time. You have to guess which item I am
using each time. For each wrong guess, you have to remove
an item of clothing.

57. I am a bondage salesman and am trying to sell you
some items. You are a hard sell and I resort to allowing
you to try out each piece of equipment to see how you like it.

58. I am a manufacturer of bondage equipment and I have hired
you to test out some of my equipment. We try each item on
and you test to see if you can escape from it.

59. I am a BDSM salesman and am trying to sell you
some impact items. You are a hard sell and I resort to allowing
you to try out each type of flogger/whip/cane/paddle very lightly,
so that you can see what each one feels like.

60. I blindfold you and then you take off all your clothing.
I mix everything up and put all your clothes in a pile
and then you have to dress again blindfolded.

61. I tie you up and force you to watch a "heavy scene".
As the scene progresses, I am whispering to you that
this could be happening to you.

62. I wrap cloth strips around your body and turn you
into a "mummy".

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