Q’s List of Horrific Things To Do

To a Bound Male Submissive

[What is the point of tying him up securely if you can't tease him?]

(revised 10/6/2002)

1. Tease him.

2. Tickle him.

3. Rub your fingernails down his back.

4. Apply ice cubes to his body.

5. Add more rope.

6. Put baby oil on his nipples.

7. Rub talcum powder over his body.

8. Tweak his nipples.

9. Put clothespins on his nipples.

10. Put clothespins on his penis.

11. Put clothespins on his testicles.

12. Walk your fingers over his stomach.

13. Put nipple clamps on his nipples.

14. Leave him in sensory deprivation for hours.

15. Put clothespins all over his body.

16. Leave him alone for a while.

17. Hang weights from his nipples.

18. Hang weights from his testicles.

19. Gently squeeze his testicles.

20. Shock him with a violet wand.

21. Scare him.

22. Apply lots of bright red lipstick to his lips.

23. Paint his toenails.

24. Shave the hair off his chest.

25. Lock 5 inch heels on his feet.

26. Tie him to the bed.

27. Blindfold him and feed him food.

28. Bring him close to an orgasm using a vibrator and then stop.

29. Make him hard but don't let him come.

30. Make him watch you masturbate yourself.

31. Stroke his body sensually.

32. Put on a strap-on dildo and fuck his ass.

33. Add chain.

34. Drip candle wax on him.

35. Stroke his nipples with an Emory board.

36. Spank him over your knee.

37. Spank him with a paddle.

38. Spank him with a hairbrush.

39. Apply strange sensations to his body.

40. Pull the ropes tighter.

41. Add straps.

42. Gag him.

43. Blindfold him.

44. Put ear plugs in his ears.

45. Put a hood on him.

46. Hold your hand over his nose and mouth and pretend you are going to asphyxiate him.

47. Threaten him with all sorts of evil tortures.

48. Tie him to a pole.

49. Put a vibrating butt plug up his ass.

50. Give him a massage.

51. Make him lick your nipples.

52. Kiss him.

53. Tie his big toes together.

54. Put handcuffs on him.

55. Put him in a hog-tie.

56. Rub his body with massage oil.

57. Put wintergreen oil on his nipples.

58. Put icy hot all over his body.

59. Put Ben Gay on his penis.

60. Subject him to interesting aromas.

61. Pour water on him.

62. Rub him with fur.

63. Apply various textures to his body.

64. Squeeze his penis.

65. Pull his hair.

66. Feminize him.

67. Lick his body.

68. Eat off his body.

69. Cuddle with him.

70. Flog him.

71. Attach a spreader bar.

72. Paint his body.

73. Smear chocolate sauce on his body and lick it off.

74. Threaten to put a chastity belt on him and throw away the key.

75. Threaten to castrate him.

76. Make him watch an erotic movie.

77. Make him watch a bondage video.

78. Play with a knife on his body.

79. Tell him how securely he is restrained and that he will never get out.

80. Make him beg to be released.

81. Make him promise to do some task for you to get released.

82. Give him verbal abuse.

83. Talk dirty to him.

84. Humiliate him.

85. Stuff your panties in his mouth.

86. Invite someone over to play with him.

87. Wrap him in saran wrap.

88. Hit him with a riding crop.

89. Pull on his ears.

90. Masturbate him with a vibrator.

91. Give him a hand job.

92. Flog his cock.

93. Pull out some of his body hair with tweezers.

94. Stroke him with rough-textured gloves.

95. Put a corset on him.

96. Put a bra on him.

97. Sit on his face.

98. Smother his face with your breasts.

99. Slap his face.

100. Add duct tape.

101. Call a friend and ask for suggestions on what to do to him.

102. Ask him what he would like you to do to him.

103. Ask him what he is afraid you might do to him.

104. Encase his cock in snow.

105. Place a hot water bottle on his body.

106. Place a cold water bottle on his body.

107. Pinch him.

108. Take pictures of him.

109. Threaten to shave his head.

110. Slide a wurtenburg pinwheel around his body.

111. Cut off his clothes with a pair of scissors.

112. Tie up his penis.

113. Tape his fingers together.

114. Tell him a story.

115. Walk on him.

116. Hug him.

117. Put jello down his undershorts.

118. Tie his elbows together.

119. Surf the web looking for ideas of things to do to him.

120. Chat with friends online and ask them what you should do to him.

121. Put him in a cage.

122. Put him in a box.

123. Put a clothespin zipper on him and yank it off.

124. Fondle his ass.

125. Put a cock ring on his penis.

126. Add leather restraints.

127. Make his nipples hard.

128. Flog his nipples.

129. Stroke his ears.

130. Caress his lips.

131. Tweak his nose.

132. Put an ice dildo up his ass.

133. Brush his body with a hairbrush.

134. Record his moans.

135. Drip hot chocolate on him.

136. Smear his body with honey.

137. Place a vibrator on his body.

138. Leave a vibrator near his cock, but don't let him touch it.

139. Tell him about fun things you could do to him, but don't do them.

140. Threaten to pierce his nipple with a sharp pin.

141. Give him a mud bath.

142. Blow heat on him with a hair dryer.

143. Use an electric toothbrush on his body.

144. Threaten to pierce his cock.

145. Put headphones on him and make him listen to your prerecorded threats.

146. Surprise him.

147. Trim his eyebrows.

148. Read him an erotic story.

149. Do a striptease for him.

150. Apply suction cups to his nipples.

151. Blow on his ear.

152. Make designs on his body with whipped cream.

153. Play music.

154. Threaten him with fire.

155. Rub sandpaper along his skin.

156. Tie him on the floor.

157. Tie him in a closet.

158. Taunt him with your naked body, but don't let him touch.

159. Tie him to a chair.

160. Tie him in the bathtub.

161. Watch television while he lays there blindfolded and earplugged.

162. Squeeze his balls.

163. Hang him from a doorframe.

164. Play loud music into his headphones so he won't hear when you come to him.

165. Caress him.

166. Bite his nipples.

167. Fuck his ass with the fruit or vegetable du jour.

168. Show him naughty pictures.

169. Scratch his stomach.

170. Pretend you are a stranger who has found him.

171. Threaten to abandon him.

172. Threaten to hang him by his neck.

173. Make him grovel.

174. Make him lick your shoes.

175. Pretend you are a vampire.

176. Threaten to pee on him.

177. Rub peppermint on his belly button.

178. Put cinnamon oil on his cock.

179. Threaten him with fire.

180. Threaten him with electric shocks.

181. Do abrasion play, then squirt him with alcohol.

182. Write on his naked body.

183. Pump up his penis.

184. Throw marshmallows at him.

185. Invite other women over and give them this list.

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