Mission 1:

Role-play draft by Questioner@comcast.net, rev. 1, 5/27/2007

Scope of mission: Recover stolen prototype from competitor laboratory

The adult toy industry is very competitive. The competitor of one of our clients has
stolen the prototype for our client’s latest toy and it is your task to recover this prototype before their business rival has had time to analyze it and figure out how it works.

Defeating the protective defenses:

The prototype is stored in the competitor headquarters. Our surveillance has determined the most likely time for the headquarters to be unmanned. When the last occupant leaves the premises, they activate the alarm and security system which you will have to bypass.

The laboratory where the prototype is most likely stored is protected by motion detectors. These can only be deactivated from the alarm control room. The alarm control room is protected from access by a number of security systems.

The rooms leading to the control room are protected by several devices that we do not know how to deactivate. However, we have come up with a procedure that should let you get in and out unharmed.

An infrared detector will be triggered by excessive body heat, so only one person can go in at a time.

One of the security devices is a set of intense strobe lights that go off at random intervals. Should one of these shine into your eyes, you will be instantly and permanently blinded. It will therefore be necessary for you to wear a blindfold during most of the mission to protect your eyes.

Another security device is a continuous emission of ultrahigh frequency sound. A human would not normally hear this sound, however, prolonged exposure to it would permanently make you deaf. It will therefore be necessary for you to wear earplugs during most of the mission to protect your ears.

There is also a flood of low-level radiation surrounding the premises. Short-term exposure to the radiation is not harmful, but long-term exposure is fatal, so you must perform your mission quickly (in under an hour). Also, the radiation can be trapped between layers of clothing and skin. If that happens, your skin can be burnt to a crisp within minutes. Our counter to this defense is to have you remove all your clothing prior to entering the protected area. It will therefore be necessary for you to remain naked during most of the mission to protect your body from the radiation build up.

Mission Procedure:

On the date and time we feel the premises will be unoccupied, you are to sneak into the building using the key we have obtained. Prior to entering through the door, you must insert the earplugs and put on the blindfold and keep them on until the mission has been completed and you have left the building.

Once inside, you have 60 seconds to remove all your clothing and put them in a special bag we provide that will protect them from the radiation. Leave this bag by the door.

We will give you a map of the layout of the headquarters in advance to study. You are to slowly and carefully make your way to the control room. Note that our sources are a bit old and there may be some minor inaccuracies in the map, especially with respect to the location of furnishings.

Once in the control room, you need to find your way to the opposite wall and flip the switch that will deactivate the alarm system. Note that this will not deactivate the security defenses, so you must continue to keep on the blindfold and earplugs.

Next you will make your way to the laboratory. You will feel around for the prototype toy. It is roughly the shape of a hitachi vibrator. Once you find the prototype, you will make your way back to the control room and re-enable the alarm system to further confound the enemy.

You will then make your way to the conference room. We would like you to leave a sound monitoring device there. Proceed there and place the device which we will give you under the cushion of one of the chairs.

Next proceed to the bedroom. We need to confirm that you have found the correct prototype. Plug the prototype into the wall outlet. Then lay on the bed and check that the device works properly.

Finally, return to the entrance foyer. Put your clothes back on and exit the building. Remove the blindfold and earplugs once you are out the door. Return the prototype immediately to our headquarters.

Note: There are guards that occasionally patrol the premises (the defense mechanisms are temporarily shut off while the guards make their rounds). The guards typically travel in groups of three. While we believe we have selected the best time for your mission so as to avoid any guard patrols, there is always the chance that they may vary their schedule and you may be discovered. Should that be the case, you are to resist capture and make a quick retreat. Under no circumstances should you allow them to detain you.

In the unlikely event you should be captured and tortured, you are to resist revealing who sent you on this mission.

Warning: There are rumors that the guards rape the people they interrogate.

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