Simple Private Play Ideas

For these ideas, "you" refers to the bottom
and "I" refers to the top. For some of these,
the bottom is a female, but for most, either
gender would be applicable in either role.

I read a book or chat with my friends online
with you tied up on the bed or couch next to me.
Every once in a while I look up from my book to
watch you struggle or to give you a prod.

I go about doing my housework or whatever
while you are tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded.

I sit in a chair and watch you do the housework while
dressed as a french maid.

I watch as you do the dishes while naked.

You serve me snacks while you are hobbled and have
your hands in handcuffs.

I tie you up and tickle you until you agree to do some
task for me.

I tie you up and "torture" you until you agree to do some
task for me, but if you hold out for an hour, then I have
to do a task for you.

We play "bet you can't tie me up" where I tie you up and
you have 15 minutes to try to escape; with penalties or
bonusses depending on whether you get out or not.

We get together and just try out some of our toys.

I use you as a tester or guinea pig. I may want to try out
some new rope technique or some new toy and just want someone to practice on.

I tie you up for the night.

I blindfold you and feed you various obscure foods and you
have to guess what you are eating.

I call you and tell you that I am coming over shortly and I
direct you to tie yourself up. You are also to wear a blindfold
and earplugs so you won't know exactly when I get there.
You will be in a lot of suspense since you won't know exactly when I will be arriving or what I have in store for you.

We test out your self-bondage skills. As I watch, you attempt
to tie yourself up securely. If you succeed, I get to taunt you.
If you manage to escape, I get to spank you for not doing it right.

We could set up all sorts of roleplays where you are the
naughty school child that needs a spanking.

We make a picture gallery. I restrain you in various and
creative ways and then take pictures of my artwork as
mementos using a digital camera.

We dress up in costumes or fetish clothes and
take pictures. Things that we would like to have pictures of
at a club, but where the club rules prohibit picture taking.

We can make a pictorial tutorial of how to do some particular

I tie you up on the bed or couch and paddle your ass or
squeeze your nipples.

We play hide and seek with you blindfolded. Or with us
both blindfolded. Or with you partially restrained.

We watch some bondage videos together.

We make up a set of bdsm "cards" in the shape of playing cards,
with lots of different activities and/or bondage situations
on them. Then we shuffle the cards and I pick the top 5 cards
and then I do whatever these 5 cards say to you. Better yet,
I tie you up first before picking the cards and then you have to
worry about what diabolical cards I might pick.

You leave the door to your house unlocked and I come over early
in the morning while you are still sleeping and pounce on you
in your sleep and then tie you up. Perhaps I pretend to be a burglar. To make sure you are surprised, you can wear a
blindfold and earplugs to bed.

Same as above, but I don't tell you which day I will be
coming. You give me a range of 5 days where you go to bed blindfolded and earplugged and then I surprise you about which
day I actually come.

I experiment with different ways to tie you up or restrain you.

You give me a back massage. Or a foot massage.

I tie you to a chair while I masturbate myself. You get all horny
but can't do anything about it.

I tie you up and then go out shopping. When my chores
are done, I come back and untie you. Or my chores become
more fun because I know I have a captive waiting for me
when I am done and I fantasize about what I will do
to you when I return. I see lots of common everyday
items during my shopping (such as clothespins) that I
realize can be used for things other than what they were intended for.

We have a friendly wrestling match. Loser gets hogtied and
gagged. Or we roll dice or play some other game to determine
who gets hogtied.

We play a variant of "strip poker", but instead of removing
clothes, we add restraints.

We go through my collection of bondage pictures and find
ones that excite us and we try to duplicate the position in person.

We roleplay some scene, such as I am a little child and you are
my babysitter. I get you to play "Cowboys and Indians".
I am a little brat and I trick you into letting me tie you up.
Then I proceed to remove your clothes so I can get a
good look at what a naked grown-up looks like.

I cuff your hands behind you and then feed you dinner.

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